Casa Ali ~ April dates and menu

Nowruz special photo album and April gatherings at Casa Ali in the first and third weeks of the month.

I associate the month of april with the following in no particular order

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Nowruz special at Casa Ali

Celebrate Nowruz and Spring Equinox in the Casa Ali style!

The ancient Persian spring festival of Nowruz, Persian for “new day,” is considered the beginning of the New Year not only in Iran, but throughout Central Asia. The holiday falls on the first day of spring, usually March 21st, and celebrations continue for 13 days.Wear something green. Please observe the timing.

FRIDAY 20th March  6.30 – 10.30pm Book Tickets

FRIDAY 22nd March 6.30 – 10.30pm Book Tickets

Menu Plantain, avocado, herbs || Courgette, halloumi, mushroom || Mixed lentils soup || Artichoke hearts, spinach, prawns, lotus root || Rice, herbs, tilapia, fresh pomegranate seeds || Rice and kiwi pudding with cardamom and nuts.

SUNDAY 24th March  12.30 – 4.30pm Book Tickets

Menu Plantain, avocado, herbs || Courgette, halloumi, mushroom || Mixed lentils soup with ginger || Artichoke hearts, spinach and lotus root || Rice, herbs, fresh pomegranate seeds || Rice and kiwi pudding with cardamom and nuts.

Welcome drinks (non-alco) on the house. Bring your own wine.

Perfect gift ~ Lavender bags

Soothe the soul and lift the spirits…..

You can use these charming handmade lavender filled bags, either between your clothes to scent them and deter moths, or under your pillows to aid a sweet nights sleep! Filled with a heady mix of locally grown lavender and rosemary from my garden.

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Tasting the memories…

Spices from lands afar and stories embedded within… in a language of love!

Publicity image for Cooked with Love

If my father were alive, 1st October 2004 would have been my parents sapphire wedding anniversary. Undeterred by his physical presence, I marked it never the less: 45 dishes prepared with 45 ingredients for 45 guests, all cooked with love! Commissioned and hosted by home lush wedding images and autobiographical glimpses created an intimate setting. Each dish burst forth with unexpected tastes, spiced conversations and Continue reading Tasting the memories…