winston lau
Birds of a feather… Winston Lau ©ali zaidi 2012

Aged five, holding a magnifying lens in a dimly lit room brought the street outside, inside. It was upside down yet sheer magic. Over the years that passion, the art of observation and expression using photography has only grown for me. From old recipes of preparing light-sensitive material, analogue memories seeped with nostalgic smells of chemicals and amber nails to the digital mobile dark rooms of today, the urge to capture, create and share has never been greater. The technological and information revolution continues to democratise the medium in more ways than one, be it personal, collaborative, social, cultural or political.

My professional career began over 35 years ago in Pakistan, working for an advertising agency and a lecturer at National College of Arts. Photography is a staple medium in my personal work, and I use it often in installation, theatre, live art, teaching and community building.

From a client’s point of view my specialisation is photographing people and still life. I pride myself in being able to get inside a brief, and understand the clients needs by using mood boards, sketches and reference materials. At the end of the day I aim to give the best of my knowledge, experience and skills.

I am London-based and have worked all over the world.

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  1. I was with shamim when I was used for the photograph of the white footprint on my back. I would love to see the photo!

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