Casa Ali Visitors Book

Portraits of visitors and their comments at Casa Ali – a London supper club. Portraiture is part of the experience at these food gatherings. A visual visitors book that is slowly being built up as resource for AliZaidiArts and serves as a memento for the guests. Food albums would arrive soon, though the images are peppered along in various blog posts. A wide selection can be viewed here.

“The mixology of organic ingredients is a science on it’s own and Ali juggles skilfully with it to create art food that delight all the senses.

The main ingredient is the company of beautiful people. I got the opportunity to meet most of them and discovered uniquely beautiful personalities and cultural backgrounds.” Sebastian Linta

“… here it is fresh and a mixture between semi raw and cooked stuff and ingredients from all over the world.” Lucy Watt

“Blending cultures, bringing in things from your childhood and from different parts of the world. it shows in your experience and culminates on your table.” Bhajan Hunjan

“The winner is the dinner itself! Lovely the mood of the house and very funny the final photo shooting.” Luca Gianfrancesco

“Eating is a sensuous experience, especially the way Ali prepares food, and doing it with strangers is the best way to break down barriers. It is difficult to lie or hide when the tongue is so enlivened!” Gaylene Gould

“the most elegant dinner I have ever had!” Rui Zeng

4 thoughts on “Casa Ali Visitors Book”

  1. a wonderful, intimate dinner a troi! the parakeets were flying overhead, great big bugs flying across the garden and a delightful evening breeze wafting scented delights into the house. All this was an aperatif in itself.

    The combination of textures and colours added so much to the taste. Unexpected ingredients, edible flowers and great combinations gave surprises with each course

  2. Never before have I seen such radiant combinations of healthy edibles. The raw colors, clever flavor combinations and artful presentation was all something akin to the foodie version of Paul McCartney concert. Casa Ali’s cuisine stands as the diametrical opposite to the notorious English fare. Bravo!

    1. thank you steve and ania for gracing casa ali with your joyous conversations, beaming smiles and appreciation!! have a fanastastic rest of your european tour and see you perhaps in U.S. xx

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