Food Photography

Loving food is a huge plus as food photography has to translate the sumptuous freshness, textures, shapes and colour through a still image. By keeping the compositions uncluttered, I light it as if it were a prized still life. After all food is the star! As a photographer one needs to be swift at capturing the essence, and versatile at adapting to various lighting situations and kitchens. I usually travel light with a tripod, camera, couple lenses and small flash with a soft box. I primarily use Nikon and believe me if you light the food well, images taken with an i-Phone are equally impressive!!

Of course what I enjoy most as a free-lance food photographer is the challenge of creating an image that scintillates the senses, I relish in meeting the different chefs and their teams as they prepare and plate the food. There is special joy in the offing if at times a gentle persuasion to plate differently is taken on board as in collaboration lies the art of magic!

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