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I enjoy the uniqueness of photographing each person. Some portrait sessions last for hours. At times conversations take longer than the actual photography session. Equally well, there are fun and spontaneous moments of call and response. A good portrait speaks volumes. Working with peopleis deeply gratifying, for the bonus is hugs and laughter, always!

I enjoy the poetics and emotive quality of still lives and landscapes, the directness of portrait photography is utterly sublime. Empathy is the key! Photographing people is like tending to them on a level of intimacy. It is always a sort of collaboration between myself and the person in from of the lens. Whether I photograph people for my personal projects or for a commission, the creation of a portrait starts way before the camera is even touched. Conversations and briefings are crucial for both parties, to arrive at a consent, to create limits and elaborate them with memorable results. I seldom photograph people without their permission as my preference is to create a mutual safe space where people can relax and be themselves.

Clients get to view all the images in small jpegs. Post production takes place only after their first choice. Working method and rates are all quite flexible. According to the budget, there can be a flat fee or daily rates can be worked out if its a large folio. Depending on the complexity and need of the brief, photography can take place at my home, a hired studio or in the comfort of a clients home. I always consider a special rate for students!

Do get in touch about any queries you may have. Suffice to say, no assignment is too big or too small.

6 thoughts on “People ~ Portraiture”

  1. Beautiful and unique, each one emotive in it’s composition. How I would love to have a portrait done with your creative & insightful eye.

    1. Waiata I would so love to make portraits of you!! Not sure when my next Aussie trip will happen, come up north from down under, Casa Ali is your home too!!

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