Casa Ali ~ September cometh!

Casa Ali food gatherings are growing in scope. With the passing of each day, harvesting sunflower seeds is becoming more of a fantasy for me and a concrete reality for the wild ringneck parrots! Crocosmia in my garden has already gone rust. Marjoram and thyme are bee magnets at the moment, courgettes are still plentiful, tomatoes are ripening each day and beans and chard would be on the menu along with wholesome potatoes.

A little precis on the month gone. Summer holidays, fewer locals and more visitors in town. Food 4 thought is in the final stages of beta testing and released during the third week of this month. If you would like to download the new free app (both for i-Phones and androids) that I have been working on, please register your interest on August saw work on creating two raised beds in my back garden, planting bushes of kiwi, thornless blackberry, red currant, lots more herbs and starting harvest from my allotment. Guests at Casa Ali were from far and wide; Guadeloupe, Italy, Japan, Jamaica, Malaysia, Norway, Spain, Venezuela, United States and the UK. So pleased two of my fellow allotment holders could attend too!! Amongst many memorable moments from these four gatherings were receiving two new gifts for my memory tree and one of the guest brought tomatoes and sweet peppers cooked by his sister. Mum and my neighbours got to taste it too and they loved it! Having foraged black berries from my local country park, I have made it into a delicious sauce/spicy jam to tickle the palates for a few months to come.

As you will have noted, the Casa Ali dinners this month are not their usual first and third weeks of the month – thats because I will be in Pescara, Italy. Portraits of Recovery is bringing the core artists from Italy, UK and Turkeys for the first time to develop the details for I AM – memoirs of addiction recovery. The project employs contemporary arts as a mechanism for social activism within recovery from addiction. More on it after my return!

September Dates, bookings and menu £27.00 per person

27th Sep TICKETS  6.30 – 10.30pm Mixed menu

28th Sep TICKETS  6.30 – 10.30pm Veg menu

5 Course Mixed Menu:

Plantain, karela, chickpea, beetroot || Scallop, plums, apples, peas and mushroom || Potato and tomato soup with beans and caramelised garlic with toasted seeds || Mackrel, prawns, plantain, squash, swiss chard and toasted seeds || Dessert: Black rice, home made cheese, blackberry and bitter almond.

5 Course Vegetarian Menu:

Plantain, karela, chickpea, beetroot || Spinach, halloumi, mushroom and apple || Potato and tomato soup with beans and caramelised garlic with toasted seeds || Sweet pepper stuffed with rice, squash and plantain, with swiss chard, ginger and toasted seeds || Dessert: Black rice, home made cheese, blackberry and bitter almond.

For new guests…

  • Portraiture is part of the Casa Ali experience. You Can view the Visitor’s book here.
  • The venue is a ten minute walk from Norwood Junction, London SE25 and Norwood Junction is itself only 11 minutes away from London Bridge. Check here for transport links or use Google maps. There is free parking available in the street.
  • To find a Supper Club close to you, join the Supper Club fan group and choose if you want to be a host or a guest.

PS: Do’s and Don’ts of  the supper club guest! 

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