Connections ~ Modigliani Chughtai and Zehra

One-off and unique, hand-painted and hand-crafted silk dresses for women, like no other. And with a mission! Created by my fine artist friend from Pakistan, Zehra Hasnain, who graduated from NCA the year I joined back then in 1980. It was she who gave my parents the much-needed nudge to agree that arts was the right career choice for me. Little was she to know, art is my way of life!

She was always an urban chic, though having gotten married and in raising her fabulous four sons, her passion for painting took a back seat. Nevertheless she created a home that can only be described as magical. From the sculpted fountains, to the clothes and interior designs, all have her creative signature. I met her recently after a gap of thirty odd years. Her aesthetics continue to transform the world around her. And she has shared her blessings all along with those less fortunate than her. She is now following her heart in a radical way. Continue reading Connections ~ Modigliani Chughtai and Zehra

Connections – Family Jewels

Jewel in the crown for the British, India for me, meant only Bombay; the city where I opened my eyes. Both Maa and Baba were Bombay-ites who migrated to Pakistan when I was three. Year after year Maa along with my siblings and I, spent our summer holidays in Bombay with her family. I got to meet and know loads of friends and colleagues of Baba but never his family. Continue reading Connections – Family Jewels