Happy New Year!

Wishing you beautiful beginnings!
Wishing you beautiful beginnings!

For last year’s words belong to last year’s language and next year’s words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning.… here is to new beginnings!

Every new year people make resolutions to change aspects of themselves they believe are negative. Many revert back to how they were before and feel like failures. This year I challenge you to a new resolution. I challenge you to just be yourself!

A peaceful, exciting and an inspirational 2013.

Love & Light!

do dreams unlock inspirations or letting go is the trick?

this morning i got up happy as a larry… was it because i felt well rested or because i had had a beautiful evening with my maa, having dinner with her, giggling laughing at each other. added to it an unhurried summer evening walk… inhaling the air filled heavy with the scent of lilac, deliberately brushing past lemon geranium and lavender… swifts following us with their low circular flight, a good night before finding their roosts…  Continue reading do dreams unlock inspirations or letting go is the trick?

ARL -01… on memory

Memory = Identity


What is memory? How is it triggered?

Personal memory vs collective memory vs received memory…

What happens when memory fades or is suddenly lost?

And what of amnesia… forced by illness or forced by politics?

 Memories are crucial to our sense of self, community and society but they are also fragile, tentative and contested. Understood in popular culture to be primarily a cognitive/mental phenomenon this Lab intends to expand our understanding of memory by exploring it also as an embodied, sensorial and social phenomenon. That is, memory resides as much in our flesh and body as it does in mementos and memorabilia and social relationship as it does in the mind.

How then do our senses, material objects and relationships trigger memories that can both locate and dislocate us?
Our memory makes us who we are and the loss of it frightens us more than the prospect of death.

All of these and more will be explored and researched through the perspective of artists, science and society at large, leading up to an intensive camp/lab period with my other associates and artists in December 2010.
 Public talks and showings of the early stages of work coming out of the camp/lab will be presented in later in autumn this year. The thoughts and ideas brewed up in this session will be carried forward to a second camp/lab planned to take place with collaborators and perhaps hosted in India and Pakistan. By summer 2011 a new immersive installation will emerge from this process and be ready to tour!

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LUMA light GRAFFITO graffiti


Typical of London weather, the sun was playing hide and seek this sunday afternoon. Walking along the Westminster Bridge late afternoon, the pavement was full of people, local and foreign, of all ilks enjoying the blue skies and the views the city has to offer. Throngs of people, unaware, were looking yonder, their focus torn betwixt the Eye, the great bell, the Abbey and beyond. It were as if the bridge was merely a viewing platform and no one really appreciated the platform itself! With half closed eyes as I was smiling to myself, the sun came out with baffling brightness. Suddenly the footpath on the bridge was awash in a row of erect phalluses.

I chuckled out loud and took some pictures using an excuse of a digital camera that I have. Curiosity aroused, an elderly Japanese couple closest to me wondered what bemused me so. They were part of a coach load full of tourists. I explained the special London focal point that lay at their feet and showed them the preview on my camera. ペニス Penis ペニス penis… a shriek erupted… she translated for me and showed my camera around to the rest of the group. Like a Mexican wave, lenses were re-directed to the pavement and for a moment all sounds drowned in the electronic buzz of click click click click! Some cheekily skipped across the row of phalluses while some let out hearty gurgling giggles (the kind of giggles one rarely hears from eighty year olds!) and they huddled between the shade avoiding the phallic light from touching their feet!! Shouting ああペニスの完全な全体のブリッジを見て “a bridge full of penises!”

It makes me want to create sculptures, constructed from found and recycled objects. Beautiful to look at, innocent looking mostly yet kinetic and latently libertine. Imagine, the sculptures in regular familiar settings… at certain times of day… with the right touch and angle of luma, unleashing their veiled visual aphrodisiacs unexpectedly  for those eyes always eager to see the world around us differently.

Created by the agency of natural light… green and eco-conscious, site and time specific artistic interventions… Now thats an idea… run with it!!

A new word from an inspired moment! I call it LUMAGRAFFITO.