counting minutes in sydney

60×60 Secs is invited in sydney for paramasala – australian festival of south asian arts.


i am ever so excited to take these ticking 3,600 seconds with me… the sixty one-minute long films that have been shown worldwide and now will be installed for the audiences in sydney from 4 – 8 of november 2010.

also taking part int he paramasala talks and discussions, i will be sharing my creative artistic journey along with composer and DJ nitin sawhney on sunday 7 november 11am – 12 noon @ SWITCH digital arts centre, ICE, 8 victoria road, parramatta

if you are able to attend… please make your reservations now – even though it is all free.

see you in oz!!


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  1. if you know of artists, ecologists, curators, sociologists, chefs… people working in the areas for a better understanding of intercultural relationships and creativity….please suggest on my list of people to meet. it is my first time to sydney!

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