9 thoughts on “Launch of Casa Ali ~ a new London supper club”

  1. Ali is an amazing host and an alchemist. He knows how to mix fine ingredients and colours, reaching absolute astounding levels of beauty and taste. Casa Ali is a warmth place for the hearth, where food experience passes through all the senses and inspired conversation flows as delicate music. I would highly recommend Casa Ali supper club, not to be missed.

    1. Kai you are not exactly a million miles away, Germany is just couple hours away. No doubt we will be seeing each other soon in the new year. Thanks for motivating people to visit Casa Ali :). See you soon!

  2. As Ali’s friend and lodger I have the immense pleasure of feeding on his exquisite cooking and company on a daily basis. An old Romanian saying goes like so “Dragostea trece prin stomac” meaning love passes trough the stomach, and grande Ali is sharing his love trough good food, good company and an open minded environment creating an oasis of tranquility and friendship that is Casa Ali.
    As your secondary host I warmly welcome you! 🙂

    1. Hey Sebastian so pleased that you have volunteered your self as the other host of Casa Ali. Many thanks! Love indeed passes through the stomach! Shaw has it on similar lines, “There is no sincerer love than the love of food.”

  3. Ali’s food is amazing – it is really fine dining quality. The flavours are divine! Highly recommended. He is a great host and there is always an interesting mix of food.

    1. thank you lucy! will miss you in these first ones, but then, you attended the first ever sharefood4ever dinner! next year in january we break together again!

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