Tasting the memories…

Spices from lands afar and stories embedded within… in a language of love!

Publicity image for Cooked with Love

If my father were alive, 1st October 2004 would have been my parents sapphire wedding anniversary. Undeterred by his physical presence, I marked it never the less: 45 dishes prepared with 45 ingredients for 45 guests, all cooked with love! Commissioned and hosted by home lush wedding images and autobiographical glimpses created an intimate setting. Each dish burst forth with unexpected tastes, spiced conversations and Continue reading Tasting the memories…

Let a thousand flowers bloom

A wandering, loving and vegetarian menu

First course of JOL&ML

Dictatorial is thumbs down and negotiational is thumbs up for me – almost always! For Journeys of Love and More Love I have had to send the menu to Melbourne and to Singapore, to make sure, the taster offerings would get prepared in time. Not that magically one sends the menu/recipes and items get churned out just because I had also emailed pictures from the ‘prepared earlier’ selection. Different cities, different ingredients, not even the same continents – all different negotiations and different solutions! Continue reading Let a thousand flowers bloom