Healing Hands-London… Tantra Touch

An invitation for you to experience healing bodywork with a tantra touch.

Healing Hands-London, an invitation to tantric bodyworks

Healing Hands-London offers bodywork to stimulate the human body, mind, the emotional centre and spirit together. Most importantly, a safe space of non-judgemental intimacy is created which allows a person to feel their most authentic. Authenticity is an essential state for acceptance and healing to take place.

The bodywork is based on my interpretation of Tantra;  a connection and balance between our feminine and masculine energies; the body and the mind. My method has evolved from over a long period of observing and understanding of energy/chi and experiencing a variety of healing, massage and nutritional practices.

I am strongly guided by intuition to deliver the tantric gift of touch. Energetic heart connection allows me to work closely with the emotional body of the clients, to understand their stresses and blockages so to realign their energies. A special communication takes place between my hands as a giver and the body which receives the touch. 

The duration and number of sessions are determined post conversation to understand individual needs. My treatment room overlooks a sunny and quiet back garden. Currently the sessions are offered for 60 and 90 minutes, only during the weekdays between 10am – 5pm.

The joy of receiving and the gift of touch! I look forward to seeing you at Healing Hands-London. Follow FB page for latest offers.

With love and tenderness!


6 thoughts on “Healing Hands-London… Tantra Touch”

  1. Through Ali´s touch with its slowness I could feel my body in a new way, as if melting. My mind came to rest, the experience was of a timeless quality, and long after, I found myself still smiling in a way that I´ve only observed on the faces of infants, well fed and held after breastfeeding.

  2. It was truly a privilege to receive a massage treatment from Ali. It was a very special feeling of being cared for and healed, feeling waves of energy traveling through the body, feeling deeply energized and refreshed.
    A very rare and unique experience. Do not miss it if you have a chance to book a treatment with him. It is a great gift you can give to yourself.

  3. I am Lucky to have received Ali’s Massage. The house is warm and confortable. It’s Easy to feel relaxed there.
    Ali was really sensitive and immediately understood what was wrong with me (a really old and hard to resolve contracture).
    Difficult to explain but even with a simple handshake or a pat on the shoulder, Ali can pass on to you something rare to find in the daily routine.
    He is not just a masseur, He lives the whole of his life like a pleasure massage.
    Definitely I reccommend him!

  4. I had been suffering from back pain and spasms for a while before I went to see Ali to see if he could help me. Even standing and walking were becoming difficult. At first I was unconvinced anything else could really help but after he started, slowly easing little pockets of tension, I couldn’t say that I felt my back get “better” but I was feeling more relaxed.
    There was a serenity that near overwhelmed me for a moment till I was subdued into a state of contentedness. All the stress, apprehension and even fear I had about my back pain or the massage itself very quickly ebbed away in exchange for an abundance of pleasure.
    As I got more relaxed, I was finding myself feeling almost aglow with positive feelings and memories and, once at peak comfort, Ali started to get more physical with his massage and really putting weight and pressure on where I needed it most. It had gone from a soothing experience to a more forced one. At no point did the massage hurt but it was strong and deliberate. If this, more rigorous, part of the massage wasn’t as pacifying as before it was just as reassuring as each pull, prod, push and propulsion of my muscles was expertly placed to bring about noticeable change in my back for the better.

  5. Healing hand is exactly that indeed. I have now had many treatments with Ali. He truly has a wonderful energy when he’s working. His has soothing effects during his treatments that relax me therapeutically and emotionally. After 90mins of T.L.C. I am revitalised and relaxed. It’s such a great feeling.

    In fact I have been amazed at how my stress levels have reduced dramatically since my remedial massage treatments. Issues that I’ve had were addressed and I saw very fast improvement in my body. Including boosting my immune system and unlocking the body’s natural healing ability.

    I loved everything! Every minute! It was pure bliss! Ali is a natural healer and I would highly recommend his services to anyone who needs to be awoken, re-energised and healed.
    Thank you! 🙂

  6. This is a wonderful presentation Ali and the experience is trully unforgettable, after 4 years I vividly remember the gift that I got and carry with me still. The union that only touch can provide is a true healer.
    Thank you for sharing this with the people! 🙂

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