My mum the fanatic (potentially in the making)

As an artist who is forever challenging and teasing perceptions of identity, cultural positioning and representation, and enabling other voices to creatively do the same… I feel immobilised by the demands put on the geographical DNA of people of certain ‘origins’.

Recently my Mum wanted to spend some time in India for a sort of family reunion. She planned to be with her siblings, some who live there and two others currently visiting Mumbai. They are all getting on in age.

My mum the fanatic (potentially in the making)Mum extreme right with four of her younger brothers and sisters in 1945

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Changi’s generosity

Checking the departure gates on changing LED screens makes me anxious and excites me as well as makes me wonder about displacement and the generosities that can result from it. Displacements and migrations of all sorts, some fleeting some life changing, that unfold in the arenas of international airports. Globalised in their psychology, these spaces demand homogeneity. Yet each city leaves its subtle imprint and behind each city’s imprint is a national engine at play creating an arena that permeates a unique sense of welcome. Airports are the first port of entry as well as the last port of exit, they are the temples of ‘hello & good bye’. Continue reading Changi’s generosity

counting minutes in sydney

60×60 Secs is invited in sydney for paramasala – australian festival of south asian arts.


i am ever so excited to take these ticking 3,600 seconds with me… the sixty one-minute long films that have been shown worldwide and now will be installed for the audiences in sydney from 4 – 8 of november 2010.

also taking part int he paramasala talks and discussions, i will be sharing my creative artistic journey along with composer and DJ nitin sawhney on sunday 7 november 11am – 12 noon @ SWITCH digital arts centre, ICE, 8 victoria road, parramatta

if you are able to attend… please make your reservations now – even though it is all free.

see you in oz!!


history and its memory… memory and its history

While talking to people about the limitless possibilities of delving into aspects of memory… while some said it is scientifically proven that we do not remember things before the age of seven, to some one narrating their earliest memories as a child of eighteen months being pushed along in the parks of crystal palace… to observations on ‘political dementia’ – as in memories being methodically erased by rewriting of histories… i chanced upon an article that Dr.Meenu Gaur had written sometime back and published in a Sarai post… shared below is an extract from it:
No body talks about things such as the supply of electricity in the camps, for instance, which might be many times better than in Kashmir, where one may get electricity for merely an hour in a whole day in the bitter winters.

The Kashmiri migrants carry a miniaturized, idealized Kashmir in their hearts. The memory of Kashmir is also a ritual of remembrance. Some of these narratives stemming out of personal experiences might seem suspect when measured up to certain facts about the life of these migrants in Kashmir but nonetheless they hint at a complex reality. A complex reality which involves a rejection of what the French historian Pierre Nora calls “the terrorism of historicized memory”.