Candied carrots, vanilla ice cream, parsnip and pistachio

Casa Ali ~ March menu + <3 dinner update

14 Feb dinner update and gallery

Why did I buy into the glamour of Valentines day when after all it was a Thurs-day? The symbolic has great power to re-ignite the past in a jiffy. I love all things ritualistic which you can make your own. It was a very intimate dinner for four guests and three arrived. Sebastian my sous chef had to go rescue a friend in need who was under pressure from the enormous expectations of the day. Valentines day was worth £1.3 billion to UK retailers and American spend on the day fetched $17.6 billion.

I was well chuffed at how the evening turned out at Casa Ali. Jon and Sara both live within 10 miles of  South Norwood, where as Kehkashan made an epic journey all the way from Osterly, nearly an 1.30 hrs journeys by public transport each way! The only aspect I couldn’t include as part of the evening’s promise was the foot rub – time just slipped past! The gallery has new items on the menu, the repeats can be viewed in the previous post. View and follow Sara and Kehkashan‘s image streams on instagram.

March dates and menus

Casa Ali supperclub gatherings in southeast London will take place first and third week of each month, four times in a month, on Fridays and Sundays. As you will see below there are some special dates for the month of March. All the below have a fixed price of £32. Non-alcoholic drinks on the house. B.Y.O

8th Fri               6.30 — 10.30pm   Mixed menu tickets

  • Plantain, karela (bitter gourd), prune and cashew.
  • Chicken heart, artichoke heart, beetroot.
  • Prawns, toor (banana flower), lotus root in coconut milk.
  • Rice, pomegranate.
  • Caramelised carrots with home-made cheese.
  • + a surprise WTF (in my case meaning whatever takes my fancy!)

10th Sun         12.30 — 4.30pm    Vegetarian menu (Mother’s day) tickets

  • Plantain, karela (bitter gourd), prune and cashew.
  • Artichoke heart, spinach, lotus root.
  • Potato patties, red cabbage, labne.
  • Rice, pomegranate.
  • Onion ice cream with rose petals (inspired by the many tears shed by mums chopping onions preparing food for the family)
  • + a surprise WTF (in my case meaning whatever takes my fancy!)


Menus for the 20th, 22nd and 24th are still concocting in my heart… will share them soon.


The venue is a ten minute walk from Norwood Junction, London SE25 and Norwood Junction is itself only 11 minutes away from London Bridge. Check here for transport links or use Google maps. There is free parking available in the street.

To find a Supper Club close to you, join the Supper Club fan group and choose if you want to be a host or a guest.

PS: Do’s and Don’ts of  the supper club guest! 

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