red green or yellow

On I had posed a question to get a guide as to where to start from… the context was

Oleg with his juggling balls

Barely two days old… this page is to share my passion for… *People  *Arts  *Spirituality  *Food  *Sustainability  *Ecology  *Communication  *Gardening  *Photography . *politics  *Healing  *Nutrition  *Sharing  *Couch Surfing  *Civic Engagement  *Learning and *New Technologies… aspects that nourish our identity and culture. Continue reading red green or yellow

Marking my 9/11

My arrival...
Marking my 9/11

9/11/1988 changed my world…

Three of my photography students insisted I spent the last night with them in Pindi, Pakistan. We chatted, ate plenty good food, watched films on VHS and barely slept. Crashed out and caught a few winks in the same room, the living room, on couches, sofas and some on the floor with little or no bedding. Morning came, we had breakfast as we were in the family home of one of them . A tedious, dangerous yet exciting journey through a hail storm as the little entourage on motorcycles Continue reading Marking my 9/11

Let a thousand flowers bloom

A wandering, loving and vegetarian menu

First course of JOL&ML

Dictatorial is thumbs down and negotiational is thumbs up for me – almost always! For Journeys of Love and More Love I have had to send the menu to Melbourne and to Singapore, to make sure, the taster offerings would get prepared in time. Not that magically one sends the menu/recipes and items get churned out just because I had also emailed pictures from the ‘prepared earlier’ selection. Different cities, different ingredients, not even the same continents – all different negotiations and different solutions! Continue reading Let a thousand flowers bloom