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  1. Hey Ali, I wish you all the best with this.
    For everyone in and around London I strongly recommend going to meet Ali. Not only is he an amazing chef, he also is a really nice person.
    I met Ali through Couchsurfing and stayed at his place for a little more than a week. During that time I had some of the best dinners in my life. Alis cooking is really inspiring and different from what I tasted before. You can’t put a tag on his food, its not Indian or Chinese or anything, just really good food!

    1. Many thanks Kai… you know you are always welcome if you are in London. If the couch is available, it is yours! You are right my cooking is not one or the other. World inspires me and I borrow and make it my own! Wish you were here for the first two!

    1. thank you helen! and of course to fatima for her recommendation 🙂 if you are london based, do let me know if you would like be in touch for knowing the future dinner dates.

  2. I met Ali through adoring photos of his food on Instagram and attended a meal – some of the most delicious food I have ever tasted, and I’m a vegetarian foodie. The Supper Club was a great chance to meet with new people and enjoy Ali’s amazing cooking and company! Highly recommended!

    1. thanks lucy!! will miss you at the november dinner, however there will be more in december before the holiday season starts. great to have been connected and introduced via instagram or we would still be strangers to each other :))

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