The Boy and his Buffalos

As a little boy in Lahore, I saw buffalos for the first time. They were strange animals, neither cow nor goat. To me they were like elephants without trunks. I was fascinated by them. I loved watching them wade in the water for hours. I would watch the young farmers accompany them, pamper them and clean them. The buffalos were the farmer’s pets, friends that they could whisper to. At times farmer and buffalo would swim together and the farmer’s wet clothes would cling to their bodies. I loved the buffalo and their young farmers. Continue reading The Boy and his Buffalos

Casa Ali July dates & Food4Thought

This month of june has been very exciting indeed. Concocting july menu for my supperclub Casa Ali, developing content for Food4Thought and my birthday according to the Arabic lunar calendar.

Fifty years ago in Bombay, on the eve of 12 January, 15 Shaban Shab-e-Barat (the birthday of 12th Imam Mehdi whom I am named after) as well as the brightest moon of the year celebrated by the hindus – I was born! Lunar calendar days begin at dusk… so my second birthday of this year was technically the evening the super moon graced our skies!

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