Casa Ali ~ April dates and menu

Nowruz special photo album and April gatherings at Casa Ali in the first and third weeks of the month.

I associate the month of april with the following in no particular order

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Tears make a great ice cream!

At my supperclub; Casa Ali, I am channelling my creative energies into experimenting with different tastes and textures. Tears my mum shed, while chopping onions in turn made us kids cry along with her in the small kitchen in Lahore. Many beautiful curries were cooked in that kitchen and even though I don’t remember half of them… the stinging sensation as I chop onions today fondly takes me back all those decades. Continue reading Tears make a great ice cream!

Casa Ali ~ March menu + <3 dinner update

14 Feb dinner update and gallery

Why did I buy into the glamour of Valentines day when after all it was a Thurs-day? The symbolic has great power to re-ignite the past in a jiffy. I love all things ritualistic which you can make your own. It was a very intimate dinner for four guests and three arrived. Sebastian my sous chef had to go rescue a friend in need who was under pressure from the enormous expectations of the day. Valentines day was worth £1.3 billion to UK retailers and American spend on the day fetched $17.6 billion.

I was well chuffed at how the evening turned out at Casa Ali. Jon and Sara both live within 10 miles of  South Norwood, where as Kehkashan made an epic journey all the way from Continue reading Casa Ali ~ March menu + <3 dinner update

Marking my 9/11

My arrival...
Marking my 9/11

9/11/1988 changed my world…

Three of my photography students insisted I spent the last night with them in Pindi, Pakistan. We chatted, ate plenty good food, watched films on VHS and barely slept. Crashed out and caught a few winks in the same room, the living room, on couches, sofas and some on the floor with little or no bedding. Morning came, we had breakfast as we were in the family home of one of them . A tedious, dangerous yet exciting journey through a hail storm as the little entourage on motorcycles Continue reading Marking my 9/11